Doom (Funny)

Doom (Funny)

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The Recap - This is the Rapid Response Tactical Squad, which is led by Sarge. They are sent to a Mars scientific center after someone said there had been a security breach there. A mass killer who had been implanted with extraterrestrial DNA escaped and started killing people. They learned that the warning had been set off. People who have the chromosome can become monsters and spread quickly, Reaper's cousin, Dr. Grimm, says to the crew.

Long before the flames of hell were rekindled in honor of Bethesda's next Doom game, Doom 3 taught the world the value of flashlights. The Doom movie would be made to capitalize on the franchise's resurgence in the early 2000s, thanks to that game. Awesome! Except that sometime along the road, read... everyone involved forgot that Doom is, in a very literal sense, about Hell and demons...

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